Lord Danavan Hylton
Relationship Management Consultant & Power Broker
  •  Delivering fast awareness
  •  Sound communication & representation 
  • Access to business, community and government leaders
  •  Revenue growth opportunities 
  • ​Lead generating machine
  • ​Community engagement opportunities 
  •  Skilled workforce development & employment recruiter
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Lord Danavan Hylton is a husband, father, and entrepreneur who has a passion for highlighting the best in himself, his family, friends, and business partners.

His area of expertise evolves around business development, community relations, soft-skills training, and motivational speaking within urban communities and markets. 

Danavan's life's work is dedicated to creating strategic partnerships that connect government agencies, neighborhood and community organizations, and businesses to one another through development initiatives for residential and commercial engagement and growth.

Danavan currently operates his own consulting firm that uses relationship management startegies and territoty marketing to bridge the communication gap between the private sector and the  urban communities and markets he serves.
"Using Emotional Intelligence to Conquer the Corporate World"
Hylton Elite

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"Lead By Example..."
- Lord Danavan Hylton  
From a $14 dream to a relationship management expert.
Lord Danavan Hylton is the CEO of Hylton Elite Marketing Agency, a sales and marketing firm that specializes in territoy marketing. Within its territories, Hylton Elite uses relationship management strategies to help businesses connect to urban communities and markets to incerase their customer base and presence in the community. 

Hyllton Elite Marketing Agency provides grassroots marketing outsourcing, soft-skills training, motivational speaking, and business development & community relations advising services to urban core developers, local businesses, employers and workforce development groups, and international businesses. 
How exactly do I help my clients?
  •  Helping businesses recruit skilled trades & advanced technology professionals for available jobs
  •  Helping career training agencies recruit skilled trades & advanced technology students 
  • Helping employers retain staff & customers through soft-skills training 
  •  Driving traffic to businesses to increase their customer base & community presence
  •  Helping real estate developers increase community buy-in for their projects
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Cassandrala Cromer, Core Civic (CCA)

I would like to say thank you Mr. Hylton for visiting both Reentry classes for the males and females.  He is very charismatic and his expertise on the  subject matter was infectious . The way he communicated with the inmates was electrifying and motivating. Mr. Hylton character is very professional and the male inmates  were very impressed with him. It was an absolute pleasure to have him speak with my inmates today.

Sherrie Hughey, Department of Corrections, TN

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.It's  is one trait that sets you apart from other professionals that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Your warm welcome,smile and handshake eased my nervousness. You gave me an opportunity to share what my goals were in finding employment for our people who are in need of a second chance.
You captivated not only my attention but those there for the class. My class clearly understood  you and the value in persevering and working. Danavan you are a man of integrity and professionalism. I am blessed to have you in my circle of professionals.

E. Pinsly,LCSW  Centerstone, Nashville

“Danavan has excellent engagement and communication skills. He carries himself as a true professional and is an asset to the Nashville business community.”

Janet King, Director of Community Engagement Nashville Metropolitan Development Housing Agency

Danavan Hylton is definitely TOP Notch in Professionalism! Danavan is very talented and has an impeccable work ethic and is overall the best in people skills. He definitely captures his audience and knows how to keep long-term partners ensuring sustainability.

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